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Tech Talkin' Govs, Part I

SSTI's ninth annual Tech Talkin' Govs series highlights new and expanded TBED proposals from governors' state of the state, budget and inaugural addresses. The first installment of the series includes excerpts from New York and North Dakota.

North Dakota Surplus Prompts Additional Spending for TBED Initiatives

Election Preview: Voters to Decide on Statewide TBED Issues

While the Presidential election takes center stage on November 4, voters in several states also will cast their votes on statewide ballot issues affecting the TBED community. In addition to the 11 gubernatorial races and more than 5,800 state legislative seats up for grabs, voters across the nation will consider measures to provide funding for public education, expand investment in alternative and renewable energy, lift restrictions on stem-cell research, and eliminate income tax and state spending caps. Following is a summary of selected ballot issues from across the nation.

North Dakota State University to Partner with Federal Labs

Last week, three contracts between North Dakota State University (NDSU) and research partners at two Department of Energy federal laboratories were announced, building research opportunities within the Red River Valley Research Corridor. They included the following:

North Dakota Enacts Renewable Energy Plan, Funds Key TBED Initiatives

A number of crucial TBED initiatives introduced earlier this year by North Dakota Gov. John Hoeven were recently enacted by the state legislature, including a $42 million renewable energy plan, $20 million in new funding for university-based Centers of Excellence, a 25 percent R&D tax credit, and additional investments in research and workforce development.


A comprehensive renewable energy plan aimed at supporting both state and national energy goals was created to help maximize use of the state’s renewable energy resources. The package also includes funding for programs that support the 25 x 25 Initiative, a nationwide goal that calls for 25 percent of the nation’s energy to come from renewable resources by the year 2025.


Funding for renewable energy investment programs and alternative energy development is central to the plan. This includes a new Biomass Energy Center to conduct research on biomass production and conversion; $5 million for the Biofuels PACE Fund, an interest buy-down program; and, $7.3 million for the governor’s Ethanol Production Incentive Fund, offering counter-cyclical support for ethanol plants.


The package also provides $7.9 million for alternative energy development programs, including $3 million in state funding to be leveraged with an additional $17 million from the U.S. Department of Energy for a Renewable Energy Fund. Additional components include:


Bill Goetz, chief of staff in the North Dakota Office of the Governor, has been selected to be chancellor of the North Dakota University System, beginning July 1, 2007.

North Dakota Legislature Commits $50M for Centers of Excellence

With the recent passage of the state's biennial budget, North Dakota's universities and colleges can now compete for a share of $20 million in matching funds to create Centers of Excellence. The money is the first installment of the state legislature's $50 million commitment to the Centers program, which is the centerpiece of Gov. John Hoeven's initiatives to transform the state's economy toward science and technology.

Tech Talkin' Govs 2005, Part One

Most of the nation's governors use the winter months to publicly lay out their agendas, visions and budget requests for the coming year. The text of State of the State Addresses, Budget Messages and, to a lesser extent, Inaugural Addresses, often reveals each governor's legislative priorities and new initiatives to be pursued over the coming months.

North Dakota Gov. Includes $50M for Centers of Excellence in Budget Request

In an effort to increase the economic impact of the state's university-based research, Gov. John Hoeven has included $50 million in his 2005-07 budget request to create Centers of Excellence on each of the North Dakota 's college campuses.

North Dakota TBED Efforts Receive $1.2M from EDA

Securing the multi-year funding needed to properly ramp up technology-based economic development (TBED) initiatives can be difficult in states with annual budget cycles and tight revenue streams. Fortunately, there is one federal agency that provides financial assistance increasingly toward local and regional projects matching the interests of the nation's TBED community.


Jim Petell is the first director of technology transfer and commercialization for the University of North Dakota.

Centers of Excellence, Tax Credits Key to ND Future, Gov Holds

North Dakota Governor John Hoeven dedicated the lion's share of his State of the State Address to promoting a vision of economic growth for the state based entirely on technology-based economic development. The proposals centered on more than a dozen new university-based Centers of Excellence and new tax credits.