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Geography: New Jersey

New Jersey Commits $25M for Innovation Zones

Location-based tax incentives to encourage the clustering of technology companies in distressed areas or around research universities has grown in popularity since Michigan's smart zones were created several years ago.


Dave Eater has announced his departure from the New Jersey Science and Technology Commission.


Sherrie Priesche, the science and technology advisor to New Jersey Governor James McGreevey, has been appointed as the new executive director for the New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology.

NJ Gov. Wants Money For Stem Cell Research, Tax Credits

"We cannot be satisfied with simply passing stem cell research legislation."

New Jersey to Stimulate Biotech Business, Job Growth with $50M VC Fund

New Jersey is launching a new program to stimulate new investment, business growth and job creation in the biotechnology and life sciences industries through a special fund to be established through the Business Employment Incentive Program (BEIP).


John Tesoriero has left the New Jersey Commission on Science & Technology to become Associate Director of the Center for Advanced Information Processing at Rutgers University. David Eater is Acting Executive Director for the Commission as a search is conducted for a permanent replacement.

Fireworks on the Fourth for NJCS&T?

The Fourth of July might just be a paid holiday for New Jersey's tech-based economic development agency after all. Since Governor James McGreevey released his FY 2004 budget request six months ago, the New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology has been living under a June 30 death sentence. Facing a deficit forecast in excess of $4 billion, the governor had called for the elimination of the $15 million program.


Gov. James McGreevey recently appointed Alfred Koeppe as the new Chairman of the Economic Development Authority of New Jersey.

New Jersey Creates Commission on Jobs, Growth and Economic Development

To help make his state a leader in research, development and innovation, New Jersey Governor James McGreevey recently signed an executive order establishing the Commission on Jobs, Growth and Economic Development. Highlighting the state's strengths but calling for it to move forward, even with a $5 billion budget shortfall looming, the governor said the commission is needed to put New Jersey in position to be more competitive.

NJ Governor Shifting State TBED Priorities

NJCST Out, Cancer Research In

For NJ: Nano in, VC Out

Two separate news stories covering different New Jersey's technology-based economic development initiatives may give one of the first peeks at Governor James McGreevey's plans for science & technology in the Garden State.

Dems Take NJ, VA Governorships

Democrats took the year’s only two races for governor, electing Jim McGreevey in New Jersey and Mark Warner in Virginia. 

Democrats also took control of the New Jersey Assembly for the first time in 10 years. Republicans, meanwhile, strengthened their control of Virginia's Assembly by 12 seats. The GOP now holds 64 of the 100 seats in the chamber. In Washington, Democrats claimed a narrow majority of the seats in the house, giving the party control of both legislative chambers and the governor's office. 

With Tuesday’s election results, Republicans hold 27 governorships, Democrats control 21 seats, and Independents hold Maine and Minnesota. Each party controls 17 state legislatures while 16 are split between the two. Thirty-six states will hold elections for governors next fall. Incumbents in 19 of these states either are not running or are barred by term limits from serving another term. 

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