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    In 2013, a slow yet stable national economic recovery gave rise to many new initiatives across states and regions with a shift toward targeted and refined investments in the high-tech economy for quicker returns.

National Academies Proposes Clear Pathways for U.S. Manufacturing Workforce

March 05, 2015

While manufacturing has never been more important to the American economy, many manufacturers report that they are unable to fill positions requiring skilled workers, according to the latest report from the National Academy of Engineering. At the same time, workers and students often find it difficult to navigate the web of certifications, degrees and experience levels necessary to claim these jobs.

Cambridge Study: European Online Alternative Finance Markets Grow 144 Percent in 2014

March 05, 2015

As firms around the world continue to seek funding outside of traditional sources of capital, it has become increasingly difficult to track these emerging markets. That’s why in November the University of Cambridge and the professional services organization EY launched the European Alternative Finance Benchmarking Survey with the support of other major European industry associations, the largest study to-date on crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, and other forms of alternative finance in Europe.

Innovative Economic Development a Priority in PA, NC Budget Proposals

March 05, 2015

Several governors released their proposed budgets over the last two weeks, and while some states continue to deal with budget shortfalls that prevent many new initiatives from coming into fruition, governors in Pennsylvania and North Carolina included numerous proposals focused on innovation and economic development. Additionally, governors in Louisiana and Massachusetts highlighted new workforce development proposals. 


Tech Talkin' Govs: Tax Reform, Higher Ed Featured in Governors' State of the State Addresses

March 05, 2015

SSTI's Tech Talkin' Govs series has returned as governors across the country formally convene 2015 legislative sessions. The series highlights new and expanded TBED proposals from governors' State of the State, Budget and Inaugural addresses.

SBA Announces $2M for Organizations to Help Small Tech Companies Commercialize New Technologies

March 05, 2015

The Small Business Administration released its annual solicitation for the Federal and State Technology (FAST) Partnership Program, a competitive grants program for eligible organizations to conduct outreach and provide technical assistance services to technology-based small business owners.

NIST Announces $26M to Expand Services at MEP Centers in 10 States

March 05, 2015

The National Institute of Standards and Technology-Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NIST-MEP) announced the award of 10 new five-year cooperative agreements to manage Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) centers. In an open competition, the existing MEP centers in Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia, were selected to receive a total of $26 million in funding – an increase of about $10 million (nearly 60 percent). In addition to the additional federal funding:

Pew Report: Large Gap Exists Between Public, Scientists on 12 Key S&T Issues

March 05, 2015

The American public and scientists have dramatically different views on a range of science, engineering, and technology issues, according to a new report from the New Pew Research Center. The largest gap exists between the two groups on safety of genetically modified (GM) foods. While 57 percent of the public believe GM foods are generally unsafe, 88 percent of scientists connected with American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) believe that GM foods are generally safe.