Federal Policy

SSTI believes the federal government needs an approach to economic development that recognizes and supports states, regions and universities as they encourage economic growth through science, technology and innovation.

Working with an Advisory Board, SSTI has developed a policy platform that reflects our belief in bringing all elements of an innovation ecosystem together to create stronger economies that produce high-quality jobs. Our federal work emphasizes those areas that are either undervoiced in Washington or underresourced with a particular focus on commercialization, access to capital, and workforce development.

Specific policies SSTI focuses on in the near-term fit within the broader policy platform. Current priorities include:

  1. Acquiring funding for the Regional Innovation program that would provide a flexible pool of capital for regional economies; and,
  2. Reauthorizing the America COMPETES Act, with two areas of focus;
    1. ensuring the Regional Innovation Program remains in the legislation, and,
    2. developing a new funding program focused on commercialization. 


How can you help?

Throughout the year, SSTI asks its members to reach out to their elected officials to offer support for appropriations requests and legislative priorities.

SSTI can provide you with materials and background information to use when developing and maintaining a working relationship with your federal elected officials that will help move the field forward.

You can also consider providing financial assistance to support the effort. No membership dollars are used for this activity; funding has come from organizations designating it specifically for our federal work.

If you are interested in learning more about this work and how you can help, please contact Dan Berglund, SSTI president and CEO, at 614.901.1690.