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Ag-Related Tech-based ED Shorts

The 2001 Farm Bill 

H.R. 2646, awaiting action by the full U.S. House of Representatives, includes authorization language to provide $50 million in funding for the Value-Added Grants Program to provide grants for start-up, farmer-owned, value-added processing facilities. The bill also would provide authorization for regionally planned rural development pilot programs and would continue the Research Initiative for Future Agricultural Systems at a program level of $145 million per year for fiscal years 2004 through 2011. The press release for the version of the bill approved by the House Agriculture Committee can be found at: 

State & Local Tech-based ED Round Up

Albany, New York 

The Times Union reports the second coming of the Center for Economic Growth Technology Council, which, after eight years on hiatus, held a kick-off event Wednesday to launch several ambitious goals: establish two business accelerators, develop a technology roadmap of the region’s R&D assets, offer business and technical consulting services, and expand the area’s venture capital networking activities. The paper reports one of the accelerators will be geared toward nanotechnology firms. More information is available at:

Local Incubator & Tech Park Gleanings

Atlanta, Georgia

The Atlanta Journal and Constitution reported on June 20 that the 

Robert W. Woodruff Foundation is donating $5 million toward the acquisition of land for Midtown Park, a 15-acre development project to anchor the Atlanta Technology Corridor. The article reports Midtown Park will soon house the Advanced Technology Development Center, a state-funded technology incubator, and the Yamacraw Design Center, the state’s $200 million research/economic development initiative. 

Coordination of the Midtown Park project is being handled by the University Financing Foundation, a nonprofit organization that assists Georgia colleges and universities to obtain research equipment and facilities.

Buffalo, New York

The Buffalo News reports the University of Buffalo (UB) is taking over management of its Technology Incubator to allow for expanded services for its tenants. The article reports the nonprofit Western New York Technology Development Center, the anchor tenant and current manager, will continue to provide other tenants and area tech firms with business counseling services.

Since its founding in 1988, the UB Technology Incubator has assisted 57 companies and boasts a 75 percent survival rate. More information on the incubator is available at:

Tech-Talkin’ Governors III: The State of the State and Budget Addresses

Editor's Note: The third installment of SSTI's look at recent speeches and budget proposals to demonstrate the priority governors are placing on tech-based economic development and math & science education.


Governor Roy Barnes, FY2002 Budget Address, January 11, 2001

– new and increased funding

Health Research Funding Opportunities

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) requests cooperative agreement proposals to support an intervention epidemiologic research study of HIV/AIDS. The purpose of the program is to evaluate how different levels of antiretroviral therapy affect HIV-1 infection. Eligible applicants include public and private nonprofit organizations, governments, universities, research institutions, hospitals, and Indian tribal organizations. A total of $400,000 is anticipated to fund two awards. Proposals are due by August 17, 2000. To view the complete RFP, visit: and click on “funding.”

New Approaches to State S&T: Georgia's Yamacraw Mission

One year ago this month, in the midst of a booming economy, Georgia Governor Roy Barnes announced a new $100 million, five-year initiative to advance the state’s position in the research and production of key components of the global economy. The Yamacraw Mission, named after one of the state’s first colonial settlements, focuses on research, education, and economic development in microchip design and high-bandwidth communications.


Bill Todd, President of the Georgia Research Alliance (GRA), has announced he will leave GRA early in 2000 to join a new technology seed investment fund.