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Useful Stats: High-propensity business applications by state, 2006-2020

Recession can drive increases in entrepreneurship as laid off workers look for other opportunities and start their own businesses. Increases in business startup activity throughout the 2020 recession were greater than any time in the 15 years prior. This edition of Useful Stats examines data from the Census Bureau’s Business Formation Statistics (BFS) series covering business initiation activity as indicated by applications for an Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Stats on new business starts may be sending wrong signal

While new business starts this year are outpacing last year’s rate, those numbers may not signal an increase in entrepreneurship as some press coverage is implying. Business formation statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau released yesterday showed a dramatic 77 percent increase in business applications for the third quarter of the year over the second, but a closer look at those applications reveals that many may not survive.

Women-owned businesses on the rise, but still lag in revenue, employee totals

The number of women-owned business has increased significantly in recent years, but more needs to be done to level the playing field to increase the revenue and employee counts of these businesses, according to two recent studies. More venture capital is needed, as well as mentoring, training and opportunities for women of color.

New Business Formation Statistics: Census Bureau updates BFS format, invites user feedback

With the Census Bureau’s July 17 release of the 2019 2nd Quarter update, the bureau’s Business Formation Statistics (BFS) changed format.

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