Highlights from the President's FY17 Department of Housing and Urban Development Budget Request

February 11, 2016

Estimated FY16 funding is used for comparisons unless otherwise noted.
The president’s FY17 budget request for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is $48.9 billion, a 4 percent increase. Priority funding items within HUD include rental housing assistance, ending homelessness, supporting tribal communities, and improving mobility for low-income families.

The Community Development Fund, which includes the Community Development Block Program, would receive $6.8 billion (5 percent decrease). Of this amount, $2.8 billion (20 percent decrease) would go to community development formula grants that assist state and local governments in addressing community and economic development activities.

The president’s proposed budget would invest $200 million (45 percent increase) in the Choice Neighborhoods program to create six new Choice Neighborhoods dedicated to improving the educational and life outcomes of residents of distressed communities. The Jobs-Plus program, which seeks to improve employment outcomes for HUD-assisted households including Native American households, would receive $35 million (133 percent increase) under the proposed budget. The president’s proposed budget would also allocate $5 million for the ConnectHome Initiative, an initiative that seeks to eliminate the digital divide for students and families in HUD-assisted housing by accelerating broadband adoption.


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